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We’re installing a new wall collage at Hull’s new Humber Street Gallery for the Neu! Reekie!’s Where Are We Now section of the Hull City of Culture hootenanny (June 2nd-4th) and having a wild flower seed fling on the banks of the Humber near the gallery. We’ve invited the Open Doors refugee programme in Hull to join us, so there’s a lovely symbolic gesture to underpin the practical beautifying of what’s currently an unloved spot. Those who join us can then take away seeds to sew wherever they chose. Chief Druid Philip Carr Comm provided us with this lovely prayer for the purpose.



We just launched a clothing line called Ragged Kingdom, with Derek Dunbar who was part of the scene way back when… it’s good and simple right now – t-shirts, bags, sweats etc but we have plans! Other texts include Up They Rise, A Brick Will Do The Trick and Ours Is The 21st Century. Currently available through Dover Street Market, Ginza, London and New York, and 10 Corso Como Seoul and Milan. To enable quick and easy transactions, we accept digital currencies like bitcoin through bitcoin evolution app. For more information about the app, visit



Winter Solstice spendour and blessings, from the dark into light. Things are
moving and changing spiritually and politically. Its time to have a go. Time
for magic..alllove….. Jamie


When The Earth Had Many Moons. 1989
Colour copy collage
210 x 297mm


Says it all, really…this to go out with 10,000 packets of wildflower seeds in the coming weeks.






Ragged Kingdom opens in Germany on June 18th to August 7th at the amazing Biorama Projekt, in the deep forests near Joachimsthal, a fairly short drive from Berlin. Featuring tipis and hangings, this installation is going to be really special. You can find more about it all here.


Also on is a pretty inclusive show on Punk In Britain at Galleria Carla Sozzani in Milan, where you can see photographs by Simon Barker, Ray Stevenson, John Tiberi and others, pus some archive material and the notorious Sex Pistols Mural – all 7m of it. Never mind the quality, feel the length! Here’s a shot of our old friend from Malcolm and Vivienne’s shop Sex at the opening, the Grande Dame herself, Jordan.






Running from September 5th to October 11th, the 15th NUART Festival in Stavanger asked for a mural contribution to their great lineup. Here pictured is the legend of the NYC Downtown scene Futura 2000, taking a snap, and a break from doing his own work. What a lovely man. The equally legendary and equally lovely photographer Martha Cooper was also there during set up, documenting the whole thing. Writer Carlo McCormick and Juxtapoz magazine editor Evan Pricco were also there to cheerlead. Stavanger is a beautiful place, and well worth a trip whether the festival is on or not.


Anarchy and Revolution 1977 – Abhorrence and Revulsion 2015: reference Sex Pistols & Virgin credit cards.




Ragged KIngdom has opened at the gorgeous Galleria Civica di Modena in Italy. This is probably the largest installation we’ve done to date and I’m really pleased with it. The tipis look amazing. The building used to be the city orphanage and the tipi room was the dining hall, so it’s fitting for the name – a ragged kingdom indeed! Archive upstairs… There’s a new Tumbler page HERE for installation images. We’ll be using this to upload more stuff in the future so do add it to favourites, or whatever…





Please join us for the opening of Time For Magic on the Summer Solstice – 21st June – at the lovely Regency Town House in Brighton. It’s a rare opportunity to show hangings, a tipi, new paintings, the Fuck Forever bed and the Eightfold Year book within a spectacular space. You can find out more from the Isis website here.

Plenty more stuff is in the pipeline. The OBOD 50th anniversary celebrations in Glastonbury will include an appearance of the Universal Majesty Verity Love Infinite (1989) hanging, and we’re now working on a huge show in Italy opening in September.

In the meantime, please also check out the news and fundraiser pages of Daisy Campbell’s Magic Trigger project which launches in Liverpool later this year, reviving her father Ken Campbell’s staging of Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminatus Trilogy.



On Friday 14th March my collaborative Blank Canvas project with Fred Perry launches through Dover Street Market in London, Tokyo and New York. The Belgian artist Peter de Potter has done a great job in making video installations to accompany the launch, reworking some of my familiar symbols – OVA, the hare, Boudicca etc. There will be special symbols of Bitcoin included which would enthuse the young entrepreneurs. The invention of trading bots had pulled a lot of young investors into the Bitcoin trade; check bitqt app erfahrungen to learn how the bots work. These bots do not require investing time and effort of the traders. So, including symbols will attract Bitcoin crowd. Here’s an example, mining a great clip by our old pal Mark Jordan of me ‘describing’ the OVA . You can see them all via Dazed Digital.



Here’s the design for the new twelve-screen edition for the National Theatre. Howard Brenton’s Romans In Britain made a major impact in 1980, on the face of it because it featured nudity and male rape, but more deeply because it was critical of the continuing British occupation of Northern Ireland, hence the Paratroop Regiment camouflage behind the angry Celt! ‘I have been dead. I have been alive’ is from the 6th century Song of Taliesin, a Welsh bardic masterpiece.



The latest stop for Ragged Kingdom is Parco in Tokyo. We did a show there in 1989 so it’s good to go back – nearly twenty five years later! The show is a mix of old and new, hopefully provoking some thought and giving some enjoyment along the way. The show was produced in collaboration with fashion label X-Large (started by the Beastie Boys in 1991) who produced a small capsule collection with mainly Suburban Press graphics- it’s Japan!!


Here’s the first view of our collaboration with Aaron Sinift’s great Five Year Plan organisation, who create wonderful projects with ashrams in India. This graphic will be on a super-ethically produced bag that will be perfect for carrying your spuds. These projects are specifically non-for profit and work within the basic idealogical framework set by Gandhi. A good idea is always a good idea! You can find out more here.


The Teatro Comunale di Bologna in Italy is celebrating its 250th anniversary and are using this piece on banners and flyers all over town! And why not?





Thanks to everyone who came to Ragged Kingdom during it’s tenure at Temple Works in Leeds, and thanks to everyone who made it happen. There were a lot of hidden hands involved! It was a great success and I think we were all really pleased with the show. Special thanks to Dennis Lee Rogers who came all the way over from Kansas to dance for us again, and to Susan Williamson and her team from Temple Works who made it happen. Here follow some images from the closing party taken by Si Cliff – Old Bluebeard himself, and Amanda Burns. You can see their full Flickr sets by clicking on their names. Onwards and Upwards!

ps. All being well, the next time one of the tipis makes an appearance it will be in Beijing. More later…


Dennis Lee Rogers by Amanda Burns


Our Rowan Reid giving it some welly by Amanda Burns


Dennis Lee Rogers in front of How To Become Invisible (1983) by Old Bluebeard


Among the tipis by Old Bluebeard







And so to Leeds… Temple Works is an amazing venue. You turn a corner of Holbeck (a short walk from Central Leeds) and are confronted with a Victorian Temple of Karnak amongst the red brick. Behind the facade is an amazing building that had once been the largest single floor space in the world during it’s years as a working flax mill. Much of the building is now dangerous so we’re using other parts of this wonderful old dame to show some archive work, some tipis, have some fun, create a platform for some musical events and hopefully inspire some visitors to get cracking… Come and join us on the 14th if you can.

ps thanks to Walter Crane for some help with the poster.

pps. You can now see a series of casual images from the installation and opening of this exhibition here on Flickr.


If anyone’s in LA tonight then please come to the opening of Ragged Kingdom at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects on Sunset. Details below. It’s a show of archive work and some new prints, including some done with Shepard. You can get these either at the gallery, through the Subliminal Projects website or through Paul Stolper Gallery in London. We’ll post some installation shots shortly. Shepard and his team have been really great. This from his website – “Jamie has been one of my biggest influences and I’m honored that we worked on some collaborative images for the show. The new images deal with mutual interests of Jamie and I, addressing the timeless problems of corruption and wealth inequality, but tie into the very current themes of Occupy Wall Street and the dead end of fossil fuel consumption.” – Shepard Fairey, 2012



The Occupy movement is absolutely brilliant, and something we should all be supporting in any way possible. They asked for a cover for the first release on Occupation Records, which is a compilation featuring Billy Bragg, Tom Morello etc – all power to them!

There will also be editioned prints available through the Sponsume site.


Folk The Banks, 2011, Ink, collage and acetate on paper, 460mm x 460mm



A show of new prints opened at the Paul Stolper Gallery by the British Museum in London on December 6th. A full on power cut meant that we spent the night in candle light but it made for an atmospheric time! The prints are an extension of the overprints done for the Ragged Kingdom show last summer, where we used original screens from the Strongroom installation to freely scatter various symbols and glyphs over base images – hares, OVA’s, – all sorts. They’re really energetic and colourful. You can read the press release here.



God Save Our Yobs/Stop Demonising Our Future (2009) Colour photoprint and collage with ink on paper, 210mm x 297mm

Hot on the heels of Ragged Kingdom, we’re bringing Peace Is Tough to London in October. This is a show of archive pieces and the 365 paintings of the Eightfold Year project. It’s going to be in a very raw industrial space just behind Tate Modern and will be a kind of counterpoint to the show in summer. It’ll also be an opportunity to see work from the vaults, some of which has never been seen. Here’s a link to the press release.

Peace Is Tough is a rolling show that has – over the years – been to NYC, Tokyo, Athens, Dublin and Liverpool.

And you can see a series of installation shots of the London show on the Events page or by clicking here.

Happy Autumn Equinox! Check the Eightfold Year website for a special painting for this wonderful time of year.


There’s a ton of archive currently travelling with the I Am A Cliché exhibition curated by the Centre Pompidou’s Emma Lavigne. This show is at the CCBB in Rio until 2nd October.

You can find more details – in Portuguese! – here.



Ragged Kingdom opened on Friday 1st – it was quite a night. The installation looks great and the wonderful Navajo dancer Dennis Lee Rogers came over from Kansas as a special surprise. He did a fantastic blessing dance amongst the tipis and made a very beautiful speech. You can find a selection of photographs of the opening by Hannah Domagala and a full selection of installation shots by Declan O’Neill by clicking the link here. Do try to get along to the space while the show is up though as there’s plenty more to see.


Ragged Kingdom installation view by Declan O’Neil

There are also flyers to take away and new prints available. These are co-published by Isis and L-13 and are available here.


Ragged Kingdom/Pay No Poll Tax, 2011, 100 x 70 cm on 310 gsm Hahnemuhle Satin Photo Rag with acrylic screen print, Signed, numbered and titled



Isis Gallery at Londonewcastle Depot, 1-3 Wenlock Road, London N1 7SL

July 2nd – July 30th 2011
Gallery open Noon-6pm
Preview: Friday July 1st 6-9pm
Ye of the Plough, Ye of the Bower,
Ye of the Mill and Ye of the Tower,
Ye of the Way and Ye of the Tree,
Ye of the Stars and Ye of the Sea,
Rise Up to the Cry of the Commoners Storie,
Our Ragged Kingdom – a Kingdom of Glory!

Anon (Trad)

Ragged Kingdom will manifest as a Peace Camp in our midst – a place to pow-wow.
Eight custom-made tipis with magickal adornments will be drawn up into a protective circle with a ritual space at its axis. Tipis traditionally represent Shelter, Wonderment, Harmony, Peace, Beauty and Community. For Ragged Kingdom, each tipi will be a world in itself – Suburban Press, The Cat Book, Sex Pistols, How To Become Invisible, Afrocelt/Visual Stress, Strongroom, a Festival of Sleeves and the Eightfold Year.

The exterior of Isis Gallery at Londonewcastle Depot will feature a giant montage of selected posters, glyphs and symbols.

Something old, something new…Oh Come All Ye Faithful!


It’s taken some time but finally we are uploading a sequence of short films made since the early 90’s, covering a range of topics from Suburban Press to Strongroom Studios. Follow the link in the menu on the left. The following film of a workshop with Palestinian refugees is particularly relevant for our times…



City of Culture – My Arse (2008), Lithographic print on card with ink, 170mm x 120mm

There is a chance to see some important items from the archive in the forthcoming Art In The Streets extravaganza at the newly Jeffrey Deitch’ed Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles 17th April – 8th August 2011. Over a dozen works will be on show – including the Ransom Note and Swastika Eyes God Save The Queen collages. Other artists include Charlie Ahearn, Futura, Gordon Matta-Clark and Jean-Michel Basquiat. There is an extensive interview in a special issue of Juxtapoz Magazine.

Further items from the Archive will also be on view at the forthcoming exhibition Live! Art & Rock That Changed History at the Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Pecci in Prato, Italy 22nd May – 7th August 2011.


spring equinox-alban eilir. a time of balance and reassesment.12 hours
dark-12 hours light.but moving towards the light of summer.time to plant
seeds in all senses.moving forwards and growing.light over the waters.
but amidst great turmoil,bumpy rides ahead. our thoughts and prayers go out
to the tragedies of japan.along with the increasing conflicts – libya,egypt
bahrain and the continuing madness of iraq,iran afghanistan and the middle
east.when will it end?gaia is responding to it all,she has to protect
herself….but remember light follows the dark and remember to put your
spuds in…alllove.


Alban Eiler,
Spring Equinox, Trefoil with full moon centre. 2011 Jamie Reid



Although we have heard that the government is now delaying the proposed fire sale of our forests, it seems that this is stalling for time as they put the legislation in place for a 100% sell off. We must do everything we can to stop this. We know images can be powerful. If you would like to use this image for handbills, posters, placards or web use, please do. Here is a link where you can download this image as a PDF. Download file. Thank you.



Have A Good One (2010), 297mm x 210mm, text piece on paper. Statement for New Year’s Day 2011


A realigned Afro Celt Sound System played at the Barbican in London on November 2nd. Unexpectedly they really went to town on the projections using loads of my paintings and graphics. I worked with Afro Celt for years, following a first meeting at the Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch. Look out for further dates when they’re announced, as they are amazing live – and you can see my paintings in a perfect setting!

Afrocelt Sound System during soundcheck at the Barbican, London 2nd November 2010


Afrocelt Sound System during soundcheck at the Barbican, London 2nd November 2010 – 2nd view



As part of the London Print Club’s forthcoming Blisters Blackout event, an exclusive new hand-screened print will be published in an edtion of forty at a very decent forty pounds. See Events for more information.



It’s great news that we’re launching the Eight-fold Year website on October 31st. This will offer a new picture every day of the year. All of these paintings are from a major project worked on over the last few years which has involved paintings on canvas and paper, huge wall hangings and photography. Much of the inspiration comes from study into the seasonal system of festivals and lunar phases that compromise the marking points of the calender. More intuitive responses to nature from extensive walks through the British Isles and Ireland have also played a major part. The website also has moon phases, seasonal plants, anniversaries and festivals. We’re encouraging visitors to the website to get involved. It’s quite simple at the moment but it will grow as the year proceeds.

The web address is

All love.


Great Uncle George Watson Macgregor Reid, founder of the Universal Bond and primogenitor of the contemporary Druid movement is the subject of this fascinating paper by Dr Adam Stout, delivered as the Fifth Mount Haemus Lecture to the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids in 2005. Proto-union agitator, swami, druid, maven and maverick – GWMR was where the family involvement in indigenous spirituality and social revolution began. Download the paper as a pdf here.


George Watson Macgregor Reid at Stonehenge in the 20’s.


Every year in Arles there is a major festival of photography, which this year includes work inspired by the austerity and social politics of the 70’s. A large selection of 47 works from the archive will be exhibited in a special presentation alongside work Peter Hujar, David Wojnarowicz and Mike Kelly’s Destroy All Monsters project. The exhibition opens on July 8th and will be up until September 19th. You can find out more here.


There is an exhibition of new gouaches – smaller painted works on canvas, paper and slate – entitled Small Paintings opening next month at L-13 in Clerkenwell, London

14th May – 13th June 2010
Private View: 13th May 6.30 – 9.00 pm


You can see the press release in the Events section here


On April 9th 2010, Jamie was interviewed on The Last Word (BBC Radio 4) about his friendship with the late Malcolm McLaren. “He will be regarded as a really great 20th / 21st century artist. He had an amazing ability to inspire people and to act as a catalyst to actually make fantastical ideas happen.” You can listen to an excerpt from the show by clicking here.



An interesting collaboration with Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garçons Homme Plus resulted in the CDG Autumn/Winter 08 menswear collection entitled Time For Magic and featured images and text-based works from 1972 to the present. This collection was previewed in Paris in January 2008 and was launched worldwide. You can see footage from the show here.

As a special project Comme des Garçons commissioned Jamie to create a special work for their flagship store in London – Dover Street Market.

This work featured a multiplicity of images from the archive plus revisited works from the Time For Magic collection; pasted, over-pasted, torn and repositioned in a manner that was beautiful, arresting and startling to encounter in the pristine environs of Mayfair.


Time For Magic indeed!


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