About Jamie Reid

A Chronology by Stuart Borthwick and Brian Jones.

Jamie is born in Croydon, Surrey to John Finlay Macgregor-Reid and Nora Reid (née Gardener)

Jamie enrols at the Wimbledon Art College, South London.

Jamie enrols at the Croydon Art School, Surrey.

1966 ‚Ä®Jamie designs a cover for “Heatwave”, a British publication allied to the Situationist International.

Jamie, along with Jeremy Brook and Nigel Edwards, found The Suburban Press, a radical neo-situationist printing press.

1974 ‚Ä®Jamie involved with layout for “Leaving the 20th Century”, by Christopher Gray, the first English anthology of work written by the Situationist International.

Jamie moves to the Isle of Lewis.

Malcolm McLaren contacts Jamie on the Isle of Lewis, and asks Jamie to work with him on his new music-based project, The Sex Pistols.

Jamie works full time with Sex Pistols, producing artwork and publicity materials for a string of singles and LPs.

1980 ‚Ä®Jamie produces artwork and materials for the Sex Pistols’ feature film entitled “The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle”. Jamie produces artwork for Malcolm McLaren’s new proteges Bow Wow Wow. Jamie moves to Paris, where he works on an unreleased stage performance of Leaving the 20th Century entitled ‘Chaos in Cancerland’.

Jamie moves to Brixton, South London, and holds an exhibition at the Brixton Art Gallery.

1985 ‚Ä®Jamie completes the poster for the film “Letter to Brezhnev”.

Jamie holds an exhibition at Hamilton¹s Gallery, Mayfair, London.

Worked out of Assorted Images graphics studio, London

1987 ‚Ä®Faber and Faber publish “Up They Rise: The Incomplete Works of Jamie Reid”, with text from the British music journalist Jon Savage. Jamie completes cover artwork for Transvision Vamp’s single “Revolution Baby”.

1989 ‚Ä®Assorted Images publish “Celtic Surveyor: More Incomplete Works of Jamie Reid”. Jamie completes a poster to advertise an exhibition of situationist work at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London. Jamie begins work at The Strongroom recording studio, East London, producing murals, paintings, logos and general artwork. This work continues to the present.

1989-1990‚Ä®’On the Passage of a few People through a Rather Brief Moment in Time: The Situationist International 1956-1972′ Sex Pistols mural featured in travelling exhibition curated by Elizabeth Sussman. Mus√©e national d’art moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France, February 21, 1989 – April 9, 1989; Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, England, June 23, 1989 – August 13, 1989 ; Institute of Contemporary Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, October 20, 1989 – January 7,

Celtic Surveyor exhibition shown in Kyoto, and Tokyo, Japan

1990 ‚Ä®Jamie begins work with Rhys Mwyn and Anhrefn, a Welsh-language punk rock band. This included designing the sleeve for their album formerly titled “Rhowch Eich Teitl Eich Hun” /”Fill in your own title”.Later titled “Dragon’s Revenge” Produced artworks for “In Our Time” album by Cactus Rain. Jamie also directed the videos for the singles from this album. Produced poster and title graphics for the film ‘Blonde Fist’.

1991 ‚Ä®Jamie designs artwork for Half Man Half Biscuit single “No Regrets”. He also directed video of the same single.

1992 ‚Ä®Jamie holds ‘Celtic Surveyor’ at Britannia Hall (Derry ). This exhibition showed at the 051 Media Centre in Liverpool, and also ran at Cornerhouse ( Manchester ), and Kunsthaus ( Berlin), similtaneousy Jamie produces cover artwork for “Shamanarchy in the UK”, a compilation album by the London-based collective loosely known as Evolution, who also produced the ‘Encyclopaedia Psychedelica’.

1994 ‚Ä®Jamie donated copies of ‘Peace Is Tough’ ( John Wayne image ) and ‘Corporate Slavery’, to the charity War Child.

1995 ‚Ä®Jamie works with Zion Train, producing artwork and participating in the world¬πs first “interactive interview” on CD-ROM.

1996 ‚Ä®Following a visit to The Strongroom, the Afro-Celt Sound System form, then release their first album “Volume 1: Sound Magic”, incorporating sleeve designs by Jamie. Jamie, along with the Liverpool arts collective Visual Stress, works with the Afro-Celt Sound System at live gigs. Started his ongoing collaboration with Russian computer laser artist Alexei Blinov/Raylab.

1997-1999 ‚Ä®Jamie exhibits a retrospective entitled ‘Peace is Tough’ in New York,Tokyo and various European cities.

1998 ‚Ä®Jamie is featured in the “Destroy” exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

1999 ‚Ä®The Afro-Celt Sound System release their long-awaited second album “Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2”, incorporating further sleeve designs by Jamie. Jamie exhibits some of his work at The Workhaus, as part of the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art. Married his muse Maria.

2000 ‚Ä®Jamie decorates the Magic Room at the rock’n’ roll Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton, East Sussex. Jamie begins work on a DVD project.

2001‚Ä®’Peace Is Tough’ exhibition shown at the Arches, Glasgow Produced ‘Maridala’ image for Legalise Cannabis Campaign Produced cover artworks for Afro Celt Sound System’s third album ‘Further In Time’ Throughout the entire period Jamie continued/s to produce drawings, paintings, photos, and hangings used in shamanistic rituals, festivals and club events. He also found time to produce cover artworks for a string of other artists including Boy George, and the Almighty, to name but two.

2004 ‚Ä®Contributes artwork to group show ‘Pax Britannica’ at the Aquarium Gallery in London on behalf of the Stop The War Coalition Exhibition also features work by Richard Hamilton, Anthony Caro and Ralph Steadman. Forges relationship with gallery that leads to long term working relationship. First exhibition ‘Slated’ held later that year includes works on slate. Begins publishing relationship with gallery.

2006‚Ä®’Eightfold Year’ exhibition at Aquarium Gallery ‚Äì featuring 365 hand-painted works reresenting the The progression of birth, life, decline and death, as experienced in human lives, and echoed in the progression of the seasons.

2007‚Ä®’May Day May Day’ exhibition at Aquarium Gallery ‚Äì retrospective survey featuring primary archive pieces from Jamie’s artistic career from 1968 to date. Works include collage and gouache works on paper from the infamous pre-Pistols Suburban Press period to colourful new canvases of amorphic pulsings and resonations. Jamie and Isis also begin to place key pieces of archive in important private collections in the US and UK. Organisation of major museum tour begins.

2008‚Ä®’Time for Magic’, collaboration with world renowned Japanese fashion company Comme des Gar√ßons premieres in Paris. Artwork enters permanent collection of Tate Britain. Mural and accompanying works featured in Rock My Religion at DA2 Salamanca with Joseph Beuys, Richard Hamilton and Andy Warhol.