Jamie Reid films

This film combines a few short, sharp interview pieces to give an overview of thoughts on events to date – politics, painting and p*nk.

This short film is a drift through work from the Archive done during the Pistols campaigns – sleeves, posters, rogue materials…

A trip across the surface of some fairly recent paintings, looking at the swirls and eddies of energy and movement of the brush over the surface. These paintings are like meditations in colour.

This film is a visual chronological overview from the Cat Book and Suburban Press through to the Eightfold Year.

This film begins with a 3D look at the Sex Pistols Mural with a voiceover explanation of how this piece came about. It then carries on the visual exploration of some earlier work, including Cat Book and Suburban Press pieces.

This film is a straight, non-chronological presentation of many of the record sleeves done through the years – some well known and some less so.

Cards relating to 8 Fold Year – one card for each day of the year, accompanied by photos from various walks and locations in Britain and Ireland (photos by Jamie Reid and Maria Hughes). Many of the card paintings done on location. Various graphics interposed into the format. This project can be followed on a daily basis on our sister website www.eightfoldyear.org.

Done over a 15 year period, it is a major piece of my work. Asked by Richard Boote, the Strongroom Boss, who had seen my paintings next door at ASSORTED IMAGES. I was given a free hand to do it. I used my knowledge of symbolism, astrology, colour and spirituality to create studio spaces to stimulate the creation of sound and music. As well as studios, leisure rooms and the Weary Traveller bar were done. It combined painting, dyeing and screen printing, done with my good friend Michael Nichols. I wanted to create a space that was stimulating and creative, a soundwomb, as people had to spend a long time in them. A lot of architecture serves to enslave people, limit their possibilities and control their movements. With the Strongroom I wanted to do the reverse – spontaneous interiors and architecture. As one studio engineer said to me “Jamie, don’t give me all that mystical crap. It’s just a great place to be in!”. You can visit the Strongroom Studios website and see more at www.strongroom.com.

This short interview was done at the Weary Traveller at Strongroom Studios. It briefly covers the development of visual ideas during the Suburban Press period in the early 70’s that were reworked for the Sex Pistols.

I was approached by the Liverpool Biennial to do a short film for 2006. It was a project with two groups of Palestinian students based in Liverpool. It was done with Toxteth TV, set up by the film maker ALEX COX.

Rather than do a film by them about me, we decided to do a joint project culminating in a mural with images chosen by them and me, done at the Jump Ship Rat gallery in Liverpool. It was interesting because they had no preconception of my work and the mural truly represented their feelings as an oppressed people and refugees basically enslaved in a warzone. It was a six month project and I learnt so much from it about the situation of Palestinians.It is a piece I am truly proud of.