News from nowhere

Thanks to everyone who came to Ragged Kingdom during it’s tenure at Temple Works in Leeds, and thanks to everyone who made it happen. There were a lot of hidden hands involved! It was a great success and I think we were all really pleased with the show. Special thanks to Dennis Lee Rogers who came all the way over from Kansas to dance for us again, and to Susan Williamson and her team from Temple Works who made it happen. Here follow some images from the closing party taken by Si Cliff – Old Bluebeard himself, and Amanda Burns. You can see their full Flickr sets by clicking on their names. Onwards and Upwards!

ps. All being well, the next time one of the tipis makes an appearance it will be in Beijing. More later…


Dennis Lee Rogers by Amanda Burns


Our Rowan Reid giving it some welly by Amanda Burns


Dennis Lee Rogers in front of How To Become Invisible (1983) by Old Bluebeard


Among the tipis by Old Bluebeard